Walking in the Communist’s footsteps

Forty years of communist rule couldn’t fade away without traces. For visitors interested in our recent past we offer this special tour which takes you to the Statue Park where some of the most notable sculptures of the Communist era are on display. There is also a Barrack exhibition of the Hungarian revolution and uprising of 1956 and about the fall of communism in 1989.

The tour includes a visit to the House of Terror, a block on Andrassy Ave. which
during the Second World War used to be the headquarters of the Hungarian Nazi party. After fascism ended in Hungary the building was turned into the center of the Hungarian Communists secret Police, the ÁVO-ÁVH, which was organized on the sample of the Soviet KGB.

The program concludes with a drink at Marxim, a pub full of relics from the communist period.

We can also encourage you to have lunch at Kádárs a culinary relict from communism.

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